“Elevated designed and built our mountain home using timber framing and structural insulated panels (SIPs). The process was easy working with Dave. He anticipated so many details and steered us in directions that were huge improvements on our ideas. We couldn’t be happier with the results. His crew are perfectionists and take great pride in the fit and finish. The woodwork is magnificent, and the house is so tight that it hardly takes anything to heat it. The entire crew was very pleasant to work with, and they kept to schedule and worked diligently until the job was done. We are planning an addition soon, and will definitely return to Elevated to get the job done right.

— Roger Dev

“Dave is a master craftsman that builds, restores, and designs homes. He drew on those experiences to help guide us through the design process. My wife is a spatial thinker and I am analytical; Dave easily navigated between our comments and ideas to produce a design that pleased us both. We completed the design almost exclusively via the internet, meeting only once midway through the process. The final product was not fancy sheet-rock and stucco, rather it was open and balanced, elegant and simple. The design exceeded our expectations. It was a pleasure to meet and to work with such a talent as Dave and his team. ”

— Pam and Jim