• High-Performance Framing

This approach uses typical 2x lumber construction found in most homes built in the United States, with the addition of thoughtful design and craftsmanship that work to upgrade the energy performance of the envelope.  Our carpenters are trained to go well beyond the building code minimum to ensure air-tight and thermally superior wall and roof systems. Other benefits of High-Performance Framing are 1) because it is more like traditional framing, subcontractors are often more comfortable performing their scopes, and 2) it offers versatility when choosing an insulation system.  There are a number of ways these shells can be constructed, the best approach is determined by examining the architectural and structural design of each individual project.

  • Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

SIPs are a pre-fabricated product that combine structural lumber, sheathing and insulation in easy-to-install panels for walls and roofs.  Each project is custom designed and methodically planned in an effort to reduce on-site labor and provide an exceptionally air-tight building with a high insulation value.  We can often have a building dried-in within days of starting on site using SIP panels. We like working with a local SIP manufacturing company here in northern Colorado and would be happy to arrange a tour of their facility.  

  • Straw Bale

That’s right, we can use the humble straw bale to build safe, comfortable, and healthy homes.  In fact, straw bale houses were being built by farmers in Nebraska as early as the late 1800’s!  We love working with this natural material, especially here in Colorado where the climate is relatively dry and we need good, thick insulation to keep out the winter cold and summer heat.  As with all specialty wall systems, straw bale buildings require additional attention in planning and detailing to ensure proper construction and maximum benefit.  Once we’ve started install, things move quickly as the bales essentially stack like bricks.  Once all the bales are in place, the walls receive a plaster finish on the inside and out creating a soft, durable, and non-toxic wall for your home.